Saturday, July 30, 2011


As the title says, my apologies for not blogging sooner! Since my last post things have been a tad hectic. I started work two weeks ago, which what the boss said has been a shit past two weeks 0.o LOL, I don't think he was referring to me starting, but more to the fact that me trying to learn as fast as I can was even more stressful ontop of all the issues they have been having. But last night we were all invited to his house for after work drinks and I must say it was AMAZING! It's definitely fueled my desire to work harder, although I'm only a receptionist right now.

Things with Sammy Boy and I have most certainly improved. I had massages three nights in a row, so lucky :D Our one year anniversary is coming up real soon and I'm still not 100% on what to get him.. Guys are way too hard to buy for!

Anyway enough about my wumblebee and onto myself, since this blog is about me.. Don't worry I'm not like that all the time... *shifty eyes* I have at least seven packages on their way to me, most I will probably forget about which is always a lovely surprise to come home to! Will definitely post lots of pictures of what I receive in the next few weeks! With my second pay I have been exercising my card, he was feeling quite neglected.

(L-R) 2x Clairol Nice n' Easy Natural Dark Mohogany Brown Hair Dye, Kiss Nail Art Pack, Rimmel Glam Eyes Liquid Eyeliner, Australis Paparazzi Perfect High Definition Blush, Cetirizine, Rimmel Eyebrow Pencil, Mooloola Embellished Top, T2 Sencha Peach Loose Tea, Mooloola Black Ruffle Top, Ladakh Animalistic Print Skirt.

I'll do some swatches in my next post, I'm gonna go dye my hurr now! 

Love Love.

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  1. You remind me of me! You and your boyfriend are so cute! Hope that you continue posting!

    Follow back!? ;)