Wednesday, May 25, 2011

what hiatus?

Damn, it's been awhile. My bad!

Quite a bit has happened since I was on here last.
Alot of smiles. Alot of laughs. ALOT of tears.


Soooooo, what's been happening with me? Well first I quit my lame job after the company got rid of my boss when she left for a holiday and replaced basically the whole team! I had enough at that point anyway and there wasn't anything else left for me, so I was more than happy to leave. It was a really liberating feeling to finally not have to wake up and think "guuuuh WORK :(" I was unhappy, now I'm not! yes I am poor but my parents support me, that's all I could ask for. Still trying to get back into study but it's a f*ck around when nobody will contact you back! All throughout this year I was saying "I'm becoming a teacher." Now I'm not too sure.The human body amazes me so I really do want to study to become a nurse and hopefully a midwife. Everything about pregnancy and babies fascinates me, hahahaha not in a freakish way 0.o

For awhile my weight was dropping faster than a hoe's panties, but now I seem to be gaining it back on with the embrace of the cold Winter months ahead. *SIIIIIGH* I don't know how I was loosing it but hopefully a new gym membership and lots of no-fun, healthy foods does some damage to my new wobbly bits. Not welcome on my body!

Mummy works in a fly in/fly out job now which sometimes makes me really sad that I don't have her around to take care of me/feed me/spoil me/have lectures given to me etc. but then again sometimes her nagging is best when it can only be done on the phone LOL. Some of the photos she took while working ^^ always look at them and miss her big smile :(

I've had my fair share of fights/arguments with friends which I won't say why but all is well currently and fingers crossed they stay that way. I REALLY miss my hoochie (top two photos) whom moved from Aus to London for love, sometimes it gets hard trying to keep in contact with both of us being busy AND the timezone differences, but I do try. I am absolutely AMAZED that she was able to independently pick herself up and move halfway across the world for something she believed in. Go Mama!


We think my puppy might be going blind, she turned 10 a few days ago! My kitty is still one CRAAAAZY ass feline, I think this morning she was running into doors trying to open them while I was in the shower (The photo of me holding my dog was taken when I was 15, hence the Pooh Bear lamp in the background 0.o).

Still with Mr. SH, unbelievably! I look back and think that this time last year he was almost a complete stranger to me, and now he is one of the most important people in my life. For being my first relationship and myself being so young, I didn't really think we'd make it this far but what do ya know! Also by now I thought we would have had ten million fights, so we must be doing something right.. Or something terribly wrong 0.o

Anyway enough of my blabbering, my bed is whispering my name.


  1. ooo, i love your bright eye makeup!!

  2. I love your make-up!! and your cat is soo cuteee :3

  3. Thanks! It was for a twitter comp Queen of Blending held :)

    and yes her cuteness makes up for her craziness!