Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Bali - Part Due`

If I could use on sentence to sum up my whole holiday, it would be;

Bali changed everything.

Upon returning home mid September, I seriously thought it was a confusing, messed up experience while I was having the time of my life. I look back on it now, two months later, and I realised it was the most amazing holiday I could have had.

Sure, my best friend and I may have had our differences and fought more than I'd care to say, but if I had never of been on that trip, I wouldn't have ever met him.

I knew him from friends of friends, but I had never really talked to him.
What happened in Bali was somewhat messy and I did keep thinking I would regret it, but if I ever had the first time we got together, I wouldn't have gone back the second.

I thought it would just be some holiday thing, but two months later, what do you know?

He has flaws, as everyone else does. And people never would have expected a relationship out of us, but everything happens for a reason. And as I said before, Bali changed everything. Nothing can compare to spending time with him anymore. Nights out in sweaty clubs don't even measure up to being curled up in his arms.

Early days still, I know. But when something feels this good, you don't let go without a fight. If I had never met him, I never would have realised how uncomplicated love really is.

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