Monday, June 20, 2011

Place of Love

Three days of pure bliss. Peace and quiet, South West W.A is like a sanctuary. Didn’t bring my ID so we couldn’t do any winery tours but were planning for it the next time we go in the Spring.

I took a heap of photos from 3 different cameras so there’s all different qualities, but even with my new camera they did no justice to how beautiful the scenery was. Most are of the beach since all we did was climb the huge rocks, which was extremely mentally and physically exhausting. Especially when the wind almost blows you over whenever you try jump to the next rock because you’re a little Asian girl :(

 McD's to get us started.. By that I mean me started on falling asleep while Sam drives.

Bubblegum icecream at Busselton Jetty!

 The fish I caught with my pink rod, I let the little fishy go!


 Not entirely sure why his hand was there 0.o

Drinking wine in my snuggie! 


Squid Lips – One of WA’s top 5 Best Fish and Chips
So on Friday afternoon we weren’t too sure about what we should eat.. There was a small book of assorted menus in our chalet and we found an unusual flyer called Squid Lips. I laughed my high pitched, open mouthed laugh when I saw the name, but we decided to pursue it. The place is well done up for a fish and chip shop. HUGE timber feature table, and nice dark purple walls. Other than their fast and friendly service that was probably the only good thing about Squid Lips, in my opinion. We ordered;

2x Snapper & Chips ($15each)
6x Potato Scallops (on a mission to find THE BEST one) ($1.70each)
Squid Lip’s Famous Lemon Pepper Fried Squid Box in Medium (Also comes in Salt Pepper Fried Squid) (Around $16-$17)
Tartare Sauce

All up it cost us $57 something dollars. Now Sam and I don’t mind dishing out a bit of money, as long as they’re able to dish out a good quality meal. As soon as we got in the car and onto the road we pulled out the Squid Box, it smelt amazing! It was hot and it tasted SO yummy, but Sam told me to put it away before we eat it all. We got to the Chalet and pulled out everything to serve, and so it began. They use 100%% Rice Bran Oil, which Sam found favouring, I however did not. The Snapper was nice but I found there was too much batter, which left it much too oily. The chips were average frozen ones you’d find in a lot of places, and the Potato Scallops were a definite no0-go for me. They had a starchy taste to it and were very dry. Usually with my Potato Scallops I find them very enjoyable, but these I did not. I couldn’t even manage one alone. 

And now onto their Famous Squid Box. That would have been the best thing we had out of everything. But they did go cold really fast and soon the batter turned soggy from the lemon.

I was let down by this shop being one of the Top 5 in Western Australia. I don’t think it would even be worth trying again for the price we paid. Since Sam used to work at Kailis he knows the rough prices fish are bought and sold at, and he said the person who owns the place is raping everyone’s wallets. We sat down to relax and about 10 minutes after we both felt like we were going to be sick, I thought it was probably from the amount of oiliness. It just goes to show you shouldn’t believe what everybody says, even if they are a renound food critic.

This place is the first you see when you turn into Dunsborough Town Central Shopping Centre Thing.  They don’t have a driveway but a gravel road parking space which I will take into account later, but we walked in thinking it would be a small sushi takeaway place.. How wrong were we! We walked in and a small (half?) Asian girl greeted us with the cutest accent. She asked us if we had ever been to Peko Peko before and then led us through all the prices, information about their produce and specials. All of their Sushi/Sashimi is made every morning with all fresh ingredients and I read on their board it is all organic or something, I can’t quite remember. The special of the day was soup and half a sushi roll or a single fresh spring roll for $10, so we decided to go with that. She gave us a tester of each soup which I can’t remember the names! But we went for the Pumpkin and Cucumber I think if that’s the taste I remember. All of them were miso based and OMG they were to die for! Sadly I didn’t drink all of mine because the fresh chicken spring roll I bought was so filling! Sam got the teriyaki chicken sushi roll which he didn’t leave me to try! We also bought a sashimi pack since Sam had never tried raw salmon or tuna, and 5 Mighty Leaf tea sachets. When we left I took a photo and was holding the soup (which they put in coffee cups and then into large egg carton looking holders), then Sam reversed but didn’t realise I hadn’t put my seatbelt on, and we reversed into a pothole ditch, causing the HOT soup to spill. That was the biggest fight we had.. over soup and seatbelts and potholes. I actually swore and we didn’t talk the whole way back to the Chalet.. LOL!

All together it came to $40 something together with our drinks, and I would definitely love to go there again! Their service was impeccable, she was so helpful and friendly! The food was seriously so delicious and fresh and for what we ordered it was a fair price. LOVE LOVE LOVE THIS PLACE!

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