Wednesday, July 21, 2010


Yo wasserp?

No, I do not talk like that. Usually.
My name is Jessica Howard, I live on the beautiful Western Coast of beautiful Australia and I've only just turned eighteen. I haven't really done this blogging thing before, but there's a first for everything right?

So about me. I'm half Thai/Australian. I work in retail, yes it sucks balls. I'm hoping to fall back into study or finalize all enrolments by the ened of '10. Looking to study in Nursing or Teaching, although over the few years I've developed a dtrong sense of love/obsession for anything Beauty. Excluding the whole hair removal subject.

I adore anything kawaii, and anything remotely strange yet cute looking seems to fascinate me. I've also become a strong writer over three years, something I'd never ever think possible. I use to absolutely loathe being made to write a story or write in my journal by my teachers. These days it does depend on my mood, but there's something about just sitting in front of the screen tapping away at my keyboard creating something totally inspired by my emotions.

I have absolutely amazing friends no matter how much some may blabber on ;) They've stuck by me when the world turns cruel, and as many times as I've expected them to just drop me and walk away, they've proved their loyalty and stuck by me, picking up peices of myself I leave behind.

Speaking of loyalty, I find it is an absolute must in any sort of relationship. That along with trust and communication. Have you ever found a partnership to work out if either is shy, cheating, or paranoid? Yeah naarh I don't think so!

But maybe that's the reason I'm still single. I seem to think it's from trusting too easily, and trying as hard as possible not too come off shy, resulting in a relationship looking forced. Loyalty though, you can count on me probably 98% of the time.

Sometimes, when my life gets a little too hectic for my liking, I take a few steps back and just realise how ungrateful I am for my life and those little luxuries I get to indulge myself in. I don't have everything I want in life yet, but I have all I need at the moment.

This is me, take it or leave it. This is the start of you, experiencing my life through my words. I'll take you on a mother effer of a ride, so fasten your seat belts bitches!

Talk to y'all haterz later.

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